Missoula: Eats: Scotty’s Table

September 14, 2017

Scotty's Table dining room


Is there really anything better in life than catching up with a beloved friend after a long absence? The giddiness of seeing their face again, the unending telling of story after story, the back and forth, as you try to fill in the gaps that time and distance have planted between you.

I have a very favorite friend who, though I don’t get to connect with her as much as I would like, is someone I could gladly spend hours with chatting and laughing and sharing life stories. And we seem to have developed a tradition of always meeting at one of my favorite spots in town; a cozy, little spot tucked away beneath one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Missoula. Scotty’s Table.

Scotty’s Table

In a city that has no shortage of quality fine dining food choices, I think Scotty’s Table sometimes get’s overlooked. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve suggested it, only to have the response be, “Oh! Scotty’s Table. I always forget about it”. Maybe it’s the location, maybe it’s their low-key approach but whatever it is, it’s a shame because this place is a true gem!

Local Farm to table

One of the things I love about Scotty’s is that they focus on using fresh, local ingredients. As a vegetarian, I can always find a unique main course option that has my fellow diners jealous and asking for tastes. At my last dinner with that above-mentioned friend, I had a vegan vegetable polenta that I’m still dremaing about. Their commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices is something I can whole-heartedly get behind. Exploring their seasonal offerings always has me coming back for more. You can see their menu online but I would suggest you to call as their menu does change often.

shiny, professional espresso machine

Good Lunch and brunch option too

It always feels so decadent when I slip away to Scotty’s for lunch. Like I’m playing hooky from school or work and I’m going to get busted any minute. Having a glass of wine on the patio and watching the tourists snap selfies in Caras Park is always good, summer fun. They serve lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11:30a to 2:30p. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 9:00a to 2:00p.

Location and contact info

Scotty’s is located on the bottom level of the historic Wilma Theater at 131 S. Higgins Ave, Unit P3

For reservations and information, call (406) 549-2790

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